Dealing with Centrelink and other social services


Centrelink is an Australian Government agency delivering payments and services on behalf of a number of government departments including the following departments:

You can find more information at any Medicare office, Centrelink Customer Service Centre or Tax Office shopfront.  You can also ask for it by phoning 13 61 50, by visiting: or

Information about Medicar

Having a valid Medicare card is important.  Medicare ensures that all Australians have access to free or low-cost medical, optometrical and hospital care while being free to choose private health services.  Medicare provides access to:

Centrelink has a number of booklets that address the needs of specific customers.  The full range of customer booklets includes:

Above listed booklets are available at any Centrelink Customer Service Centre.

For more information about Centrelink services ask at a Centrelink Customer Services Centre, phone 13 28 50 or visit: